What we do

We help CPG food startups and small food brands succeed in the marketplace. We build consumer connections to create brand love and grow sales. We create a community to support our customers’ goals. We use connections and collaboration to find the best solutions for our customers.

How we do it

We find opportunities within the brand and the marketplace to grow. We build short- and long-term goals on the path to the next level. We focus on branding, strategy, voice, outreach, connections, and creative touchpoints for consumers to participate with the brand.

Below are a few examples of our expertise.


A 30-year-old company with limited sales and low consumer recognition needed a brand refresh to launch into new channels. We completely rebranded the company including brand strategy, packaging, website, outreach, social media, and more. The brand launched into new channels, exceeded sales goals, grew consumer brand recognition, and they won awards for the new packaging designs.

Consumer Touchpoints

A young bootstrapped startup wanted to leverage their limited communications budget to build their brand. We created a contest using their products. This generated buzz and excitement. Total cost was almost nothing, and the results showed strong brand connection with excitement from consumers throughout the year. This became an annual event.

Sales Growth

We created an online shopping portal for a small brand with Amazon. Direct-to-Consumer sales grew to the size of one of the brand’s largest customers and surpassed top selling retailers. We leveraged the brand newsletter reach, used re-marketing, and sales funnel tactics along with Amazon’s selling tools for continued growth and repeat customers.

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